With so many aspects to consider when planning a trip, such as; house and pet sitters, putting a hold on newspaper and mail delivery, hotel accommodations, packing, etcetera etcetera etcetera. This hectic time can see our stress exacerbated by the slightest unplanned inconvenience, which is kind of counterproductive of the reason for many of our trips – relaxation.


Therefore, it’s no wonder that airport parking unavoidably slips the minds of many of us right up until we pull into the airport. So what do we do? Just use the nearby onSite parking of course. However, there are several things that you should indeed take the time to consider before heading off to the airport


Parking in Exchange for Extremities!


That’s what some of the parking options in and around Seattle–Tacoma International Airport should say. They seem to pride themselves on charging ‘an arm and a leg,’ so why not advertise and be upfront about it? Failing to research parking before your trip can easily cost you $130 a week or more. With various airline offers you could actually take another trip for the same price some of the parking lots charge.


There are also certain lots, such as Ajax Parking R Us, that offer discounts for Military, AAA members, Microsoft and Boeing employees and some have corporate rates and coupons available. So just a few minutes of research can quickly save you anywhere from 30% – 50%, not to mention give you some much-needed peace of mind.


Video Surveillance and Security


Unfortunately, auto-theft and crime happen fairly often in and around SeaTac. The last thing you want to encounter upon your arrival home from a nice family vacation, business trip or any airline travel, is to find that something has happened to your vehicle.


Take a quick look at a couple of the parking options such as the onSite lot and you may be surprised at just how low priority security seems to be. Leaving your car in an unattended and unmonitored lot is a real gamble these days, especially when it is an affordable and secure lot available right around the corner.


Ajax Parking R Us – the SeaTac Vehicle Solution


With our 24 hours a day, 365 days a year attended lot, you can relax worry-free. And with a low per-day fee and monitored video surveillance, the Ajax team of professionals are highly trained in order to ensure that your vehicle is well cared for in your absence and that you enjoy the experience with us from start to finish.


Do yourself a favor – take a couple of minutes to research those SeaTac parking options before your next trip. Once you see what we mean, give us a call at 206-244-8900 for a reservation. We’re waiting for your call.

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