There are a million and one places to park and leave your vehicle at Sea-Tac Airport, but there should be a few key things they need to have to help you feel confident in doing so. One might be affordability, and another might be security. However, not all Sea-Tac parking lots are created equal.


Some might charge more than others, some may not offer overnight or even long term parking. With so many options, it could be difficult and overwhelming to pick out the right one for you. Fortunately, the Ajax off-site parking structure has all of the above plus more.


Affordable Off-Site Parking At Sea-Tac Airport

One of the key aspects to look for while choosing off-site parking is affordability. With Ajax Parking R Us off-site parking at Sea-Tac, general parking starts at their most affordable rate at $11.99 a day.


They also offer discounts for military, Microsoft and Boeing employees as well as AAA members. No matter what size car, truck or motorcycle you can always look forward to saving money with Ajax off-site parking at Sea-Tac.


Ajax also offers a web discount, all you have to do is present the coupon to the cashier while

checking out and you can save. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted, even if you’re coming in from out of the country you can still save with Ajax!

Excellent Rates For Off-Site Parking At Sea-Tac Airport

All rates for off-site parking at Sea-Tac are offered 24 hours a day and if your hours exceed the limit, you’ll be charged a small fee of 2 dollars an hour. That’s better than having to worry about the other parking lots that charge by the minute.


No matter, you’ll still be saving at Sea-Tacs secure and affordable off-site parking. 24/7, 365 days a year plus holidays the lots at Ajax are secured and monitored with video surveillance and on site staff, who keep a watchful eye on your vehicle while you’re away.

Convenient Shuttle Service At Sea-Tac Airport

Ajax provides shuttles as well, to get you to the airport fast and safe, proving why you can rely on them to not only house your vehicle safely but also transport you to where you need to go within minutes.


For your convenience, Ajax’s shuttle is located just 10 minutes away from Sea-Tac airport. You can arrive with or without a reservation and Ajax will gladly greet you at the gate with a smile. Sea-Tac’s off-site parking is convenient, safe and affordable, making sure you’re ready for your next trip.

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