Traveling can easily turn into a stressful, frustrating endeavor. It’s easy for something that should be relaxing to quickly turn into a nightmare of an experience.

One of the biggest hassles when traveling is making sure you have a safe parking spot secured for your vehicle while you’re off adventuring. The best option to protect your ride when considering parking at SeaTac is to use Ajax Parking R Us to ensure your vehicle is well protected. Here are a few reasons to use Ajax instead of leaving your car in the wild to fend for itself.

Convenient Location

One of the biggest hassles finding parking at SeaTac is finding a location close enough to the airport for an eat commute once your car is parked. Waiting around for a shuttle that only stops by once every hour or a half hour ride from a parking lot to SeaTac can put huge stressors on your trip before it even starts.

When you park at Ajax Parking R Us, you have a quick ride guaranteed. Simply arrive fifteen minutes before you wish to arrive at SeaTac, and you’ll make it in time. Our free shuttle is dispatched by the attendant to pick you up by your parked car, and the ride from our lot is a mere ten minute trip. Fifteen minutes from entering the lot to airport door can’t be beat.

Secure Lot

The biggest concern when parking your car for vacation or business travel is making sure it’s left on a safe, secure lot. Whether you need short-term, long-term, or overnight parking, we have you covered.

Our lots at Ajax Parking R Us are secure as they come. Around the clock security coupled with video surveillance means there is always someone looking out for your vehicle. This convenience means you can travel in peace knowing you won’t return home to a stolen or broken into car.

Worry Free

An easy, free ride from your parked car to SeaTac, an incredibly secure parking lot, and easy online reservation system make Ajax Parking R Us the ideal choice when deciding on your SeaTac parking lot of choice.

Instead of leaving your car out in the world, scared and alone or using a less reputable parking lot, contact us at Ajax Parking R Us. We’ll make your travel experience as easy and pain free as possible. Make your online reservation or drop your car off today.

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