If you’re planning on traveling out of SeaTac in the near future, you may want to carefully consider your options for parking. Parking at SeaTac can be almost like playing Russian Roulette with your car, you never know when it’s your turn to get hit.


SeaTac is a High Crime Area


Let’s face it, SeaTac consistently ranks as one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the state and the auto theft rate for the area is considerably higher than other U.S. cities of comparable size. Unfortunately, parking at the airport doesn’t protect you from crime in the area, as travelers all too often find out. Just a quick glance around the web reveals the disappointment of this man that returned from his trip to discover that someone decided they needed his tires more than he did and this poor family that had their SUV swiped while they were unloading luggage at the departures drop off area.


Sure, you can grab crime stats from just about any city and/or airport but when you also consider that you pay a minimum of $3 per hour, $28 a day or $130 for a week of using SeaTac onSite parking, that security and peace of mind would be included in the price. But unfortunately, that’s not the case.


Ajax Parking Offers Secure & Affordable Parking


Less than half! That’s how much the parking at Ajax will cost you compared to onSite parking. Thats a HUGE savings first and foremost, but then when we tell you that the Ajax lots are monitored with video surveillance and around-the-clock security, the offer goes up exponentially in appeal.


Your trip should be stress and worry-free and we work hard to keep it that way. The Ajax team is professional and highly trained to ensure that your vehicle is well cared for in your absence every single day of the year. Staffed around the clock even on holidays, you can relax knowing that your vehicle is being cared for by people that truly understand how important it is to you.


We offer long and short-term parking so that you can have safe and affordable SeaTac parking no matter if you need a temporary lot, or a 24/7 parking solution. Whether a quick day-trip for business or a week long vacation get away, when it comes to the security of your vehicle while you’re away, Ajax has you covered.


SeaTac Parking Made Easy – The Ajax Way!


We make travel in and out of Seattle–Tacoma International Airport simple. With just a few easy steps, the airport portion of your trip will be a breeze.


  • Arrive at Ajax lot just 15 minutes before your intended arrival at SeaTac.
  • Receive your ticket from our lot attendant & place it on your dash.
  • Park & secure your vehicle.
  • Board our shuttle bus for your ride to the airport.
  • Upon your return, simply call us from the airport and our shuttle will pick you up and take you back to your car.
  • Retrieve your lot ticket and pay via the automated machines or with our cashier.
  • And you’re on your way!


Ajax Parking R Us is the secure and affordable parking solution you can count on. Leave your vehicle with us and enjoy your trip worry-free.

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