Traveling through an airport as busy as Sea-Tac can be a highly polarizing experience, primarily through the holidays. 

On the one hand, the thought of being able to see your loved ones brings you great joy. On the other hand, experiencing the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest airports can suck the joy right out of your heart. 

But you don’t have to be the Grinch during the holidays even if you are traveling through them. By keeping these following tips in mind, you can ensure to keep your holiday travel woes at bay. This way, you can be all smiles as you land in your hometown, and enjoy delicious food and fantastic company as you should. 

Call a Sea-Tac Airport Parking Lot & Shuttle Service

The first order of business after booking your plane tickets is to take care of additional travel arrangements. Calling a Sea-Tac airport parking lot & shuttle service is a big part of this step.

By making sure that your car is parked under professional security, you can rest assured about its safety during the holidays. But if you don’t have a car, then booking a shuttle ensures that your airport travel goes without any hassle. This way, you can catch your flight on time without any worries of missing it out due to holiday traffic. 

Reach the Airport Ahead of Time

Holiday foot traffic can be quite something to deal with. To ensure that it doesn’t slow you down, be ahead of time at the airport. 

It helps you during check-in. But it also keeps you from stressing out about making it to your flight on time.

Be Mindful About Carrying Food

Before you take any holiday foods to your flight, it’s essential to understand which items are allowed on board. 

Read the flight’s rules and also check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to see which items can go in carry-on and which ones can make it to checked baggage. 

Keep Your Presents Unwrapped

Remember, wrapped presents are not prohibited. But they can take a lot of time during check-in. If there is any issue, then you have to unwrap them anyway.

That’s why it is always best to keep your presents unwrapped before your flight. This saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Go to the Farthest Check In Counter

This is an unconventional tip. But it works wonders during holiday travel on airports such as Sea-Tac. 

When you are checking-in, make sure to go to the farthest counter in the lounge. Due to its location, the counter is usually the one with the fewest travelers. This lets you check-in without waiting in long lines.

Plan Some Activities For When You Wait

Another thing that you should do ahead of time is to plan some activities for your idle time in the waiting lounge. This is especially crucial if you are traveling with kids. 

Installing a few apps on your devices can suffice if you are alone. But if you are traveling with family, then you can also indulge in classic games such as I Spy or a visual Scavenger Hunt. This keeps you from getting bored during long wait times. 

Make Departure Arrangements Ahead of Time

If you are to be picked up from the airport by family, make sure to communicate flight times clearly to them. This makes sure that you are not left waiting on the destination airport with your luggage and possibly your disgruntled kids. 

Instead of that, you can meet up with your loved ones the moment you land, and start enjoying your holidays right away. 

From booking your Sea-Tac airport parking lot & shuttle service to landing at your destination, these basic yet essential tips go a long way in making sure your holiday travels are as joyous as the season itself. Make sure to employ these suggestions this holiday season, and see how they prove to be a bundle of joy for you.

Ajax Parking R Us will assist in any way we can to make sure you are doing well during the holidays.