One of the worst possible things you can do is park your car in an open area with no monitoring whatsoever. Especially when we’re talking about overnight SeaTac Parking—you’re risking your entire vehicle, if not only the contents in it, all for nothing. These are the top reasons to park off-site.

  1. Personal Injury

The small minority of the ill-intent people out there are always lurking at night. If you’ve ever been walking back to your car, whether it’s in a parking garage or just outside of your work, you’ve probably had some pretty grim thoughts enter you head. Personal safety is the biggest deal in the world; for that, parking onsite is essentially painting a target on your back.

  1. Loss Prevention

You don’t just lose your valuables when someone breaks into your car—you lose your peace of mind. It’s an empty feeling, knowing that you were the victim of a car burglary. You always go back and think, “What if I had been there when they tried to get into my car?” You’ll lay awake at night, frustrated and confused, but you don’t have to. Getting an off-site parking location ensures your car will be safe, keeping you in a good mental place.

  1. Stress-Free Weekend

Heading home for the holidays or just to the in-laws for the weekend? Whatever the case may be, when you’re in another city or another state, you don’t want to let your worrisome nature be taxing on your good time. Instead of wondering if someone broke into your car at your onsite SeaTac parking spot, leave it in a secure overnight spot for optimal monitoring and safety. Relax and enjoy the weekend the way it was meant to be.

  1. Convenience

There’s nothing like trying to find a spot ten minutes before you’re supposed to be at the gate. It’s a hassle, but you don’t have to worry about that with an off-site service. You have a designated spot, you get in and out quickly and effectively, and you save all the time you would normally spend cursing at yourself while you booked another flight.

Ajax Parking has the very best solutions for overnight parking SeaTac locations, keeping you safe, and your vehicle secure while you’re away. Don’t risk your personal safety, losing possessions, or missing your flight.


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