The Misconceptions Around Airport Parking Lots

When it’s time to fly out of SeaTac, or any other airport, many people start to think about how they’ll get there. Taxi’s and other car services are very expensive. Busses and trains run on their own schedules, and who wants to deal with luggage on a bus? Many people resort to bothering friends and relatives for a ride, but there is another option. Driving your own vehicle and parking off-site gives the convenience of having your own vehicle while remaining less expansive than parking on airport property.

There are a lot of myths about off-airport parking lots. Some may have been true in the past, but most are simply not true today. From poor parking conditions and security to lack of convenience, you may be surprised at how well off-site parking can serve you.

Off-Site Parking Doesn’t Save Time

This is simply not true. The parking lots are easy to get to, often easier than the terminal. Dedicated shuttles run continuously from the lots to the airport and back, often picking you up and dropping you off right at your car. The added time of riding the shuttle usually doesn’t add any more than a few minutes to an airport trip. In some cases the extra time for the shuttle is saved by being dropped off right at the terminal.

The Parking Lots Aren’t Safe

It may be that 30 years ago off-site parking lots were little more than big empty slabs of gravel, ignored by owners and frequented by thieves. This just isn’t true today though. Market forces have forced lots such as Ajax Parking R Us to invest in quality security systems with 24-hour monitoring. Live attendants and roaming security patrols ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.

Your Car Will Get Damaged

Modern off-site lots are paved, maintained, and secure from outsiders. The days of parking in a farmers muddy field are long gone, and your car will be just as safe, if not more so, as when it gets parked at the local mall.

You may have heard all kinds of horror stories about parking off-site which give you pause. In truth, off-site airport parking is the best balance of price and security for most people. In fact, you could go online with Ajax Parking R Us right now and reserve a spot for your flight out of SeaTac.

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