SeaTac Parking

Here’s Some Helpful Information on Parking at Sea-Tac Airport

Seattle-Tacoma Airport, or Sea-Tac, is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, you can bet it’s busy just about any time of day.  All this hustle and bustle can mean overcrowded parking lots, which can make parking difficult when you’re trying to make your flight. If you’re a Seattle resident planning a trip out of Sea-Tac, you may want to consider skipping the crowd and bookig the Sea-Tac shuttle service from Ajax Parking R Us.

Instead of having to arrive at the airport three hours ahead of your flight to allow for finding a parking spot, you can arrive at Ajax Parking R Us just 15 minutes before your desired arrival time at Sea-Tac. You will be greeted by a friendly attendant at our secure gated entry, and once you take your ticket from the automated machine, you can park in any available spot on the lot. A shuttle will come right to your vehicle and whisk you away to Sea-Tac- it’s as simple as that!

Upon returning from your trip, all you have to do is call Ajax Parking R Us from one of the courtesy phones located at Islands 1 and 3, and a shuttle from Ajax Parking R Us will come and take you straight back to your car, any time of day or night. Once you pay at one of the automated machines or at the cashier booth, you’re good to go! Parking at Ajax Parking R Us takes the stress out of your trip and cuts down on the hassle of traveling.

Ajax Parking R Us is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We are available to take you to and from Sea-Tac Airport no matter what time your flights arrive or depart. In addition to our competitive prices, we offer a number of online and corporate discounts, getting you even more savings! When you park with Ajax Parking R Us, you are guaranteed a safe, well-lit, gated parking lot for your vehicle while you’re away, as well as a stress-free departure and arrival experience every time. The team at Ajax Parking R Us goes above and beyond to make sure our customers get to Sea-Tac and back with as little stress as possible.

Book a reservation online or contact us today at 206-244-8900 to reserve your parking spot. Ajax Parking R Us can provide a safe, affordable alternative and help you avoid one of the biggest hassles of air travel. Call today!

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