Get Smart About Airport Parking & Save Money!

There are a lot of ways to lose money traveling. One of the best examples is in airfares. It seems like a new part of the flying experience is taken off the regular ticket and assigned to fees every week. Packing is a game of chance due to the changing number of included bags depending on which airline you fly, how far you fly, and some other unknown variables.

It’s good to know that there are also ways to save money traveling. Of course, there’s always the time spent trying to find the best deals on fares. Some methods are easier and more effective though.

Using rewards cards can be surprisingly fruitful. The tough part is knowing which cards are worth using. Some travelers play around with dozens of credit cards at a time, strategically using the right card for the right situation to get the most benefit possible. The basics are simple. If you always and often fly a specific airline then use their card. Otherwise, use a more generic card that allows you to redeem rewards in other ways. Perhaps in cash which can be used any way, or in miles that can be used with any airline.

An easier way to save money is to look carefully at what price you pay for convenience. From paying more for early boarding to saving money for parking that may be a little further, but ends up taking the same amount of time to use as on-airport parking.

Some convenience is worth the cost. If you really struggle with crowds, early boarding might be worth it for you. Likewise, adding some extra money for a seat with more legroom is a must for some people. Parking is a place you can actually save money without cutting down on convenience.

While many feel on-airport parking is the only option, off-airport has similar safe parking lots and the little bit of distance doesn’t take significantly longer due to rides from your car to the terminal. The cost savings can be significant, especially in the SeaTac area.

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