People Forget the Importance of Airport Parking Coupons

Everybody loves coupons- and if you don’t, you should! When you use coupons, you are putting money back into your pocket that you can put towards what you really want or need. No two ways about it- coupons are awesome! Coupons for discounted parking at Ajax Parking R Us is no exception. Did you know you can find a coupon right on our website that entitles you to a special daily rate of only $8.25? It’s true- for a fraction of what the lots at Sea-Tac charge for daily parking, you can experience the Ajax Parking R Us difference and enjoy hassle-free parking in our gated, well-lit, secure lot, as well as a courtesy shuttle ride from your car straight to your airline’s departure zone.

“What’s this?” you say, rubbing your palms together with glee. “Discounted parking, a safe lot, AND a handy shuttle that will make my trip go more smoothly? Tell me more!” OK, we will. This online coupon can be used for first-time Ajax customers and returning clients alike. You can use it every time you fly for the same incredible rate, no matter whether it’s your first time at Ajax or your fiftieth. Now that’s a deal!

As if the online parking coupon wasn’t enough, Ajax Parking R Us also offers additional savings to AAA card members, military personnel, veterans, and employees of Microsoft and Boeing, not to mention unbelievable corporate rates for frequent business travelers. At Ajax Parking R Us, we do all we can to make your airport parking experience as affordable and enjoyable as possible.

Still not convinced that booking a reservation at Ajax with your online coupon is a good idea?

You can contact a friendly and helpful member of the Ajax Parking R Us team at 206-244-8900 to answer any questions you may have.

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Your rep can also book your reservation for your next trip to make sure you are guaranteed a parking spot when you need it. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (even holidays!) so you know you can trust your vehicle with us.

Sick of the hassle and expense of parking at Sea-Tac? Ajax Parking R Us is here to help you! With your online coupon, you can save big on a safe and efficient place to park your car while you’re out of town. Call one of our Ajax reps today to get started, and don’t forget your coupon!

Airport Parking Coupon

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