When Travelling, Packing is Key

Traveling, whether it’s around the holidays, for a weekend conference, or if your job demands it, is a stressful process. It’s even worse when you’re flying multiple times every month. Packing light is the essential survival instinct of the frequent flyer. Go carry-on, or stay home, because it’s going to take you absolute ages. Here’s how to survive in the fast lane.

Hotels Have Laundry Rooms

If you’re traveling frequently, odds are you don’t have a homecooked meal and your childhood room to crash in every day. You need to keep your clothing article quantity down if you hope to get that bag to pass for carry-on. Use the hotel laundry rooms. Before you travel, check the hours for those rooms in the hotel you’ll be camping out at. It’s a few bucks to clean your clothes; it’s hours and hours of time at the baggage claim.

Flash Drive or Falter

If you’re traveling with your laptop, and, of course, its’ external mouse, mousepad, and any other fixings, it can take up most of your carry-on’s room. If you can access the necessary materials on a tablet, pack that. If you can’t, pack a flash drive and access a computer terminal at your destination, or the hotel business center. It feels like traveling nude to go without your laptop, but trust us, it’s totally worth it when you’re walking past the baggage claim line and just smiling. You’re on out the door, hero.

Plan Your Parking

When you leave through Washington, the last thing you want to do is hail down a cab. Get your short term parking SeaTac situation all taken care of beforehand. How does it help you pack light? Less stress, less time to nervously toss everything into your carry-on at the last minute. When you have no hurdles ahead, you’re able to think more clearly. Airport parking Seattle WA style is, well, it’s not fun. Plan it out ahead, and you’ll thank us (and yourselves) later.

Ship It

Really need something? Like, desperately need it, but it won’t pass for a carry-on? Two-day ship it, and have it arrive when you need it. It may cost you a few bucks, but it’s better than wasting your time. Shipping your items ahead of you (and getting a return label) can be one of the best ways to handle packing what you need, without physically packing what you need.

All in all, just remember to only pack the essentials. Light clothing, minimalist grooming products. If you can buy it in a CVS for under $1.50, chances are you don’t need to pack it with you for the flight that cost you a hundred times as much.

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