Don’t Forget These Must-haves for Your Flight!

Flying from one place to another is extremely convenient. It’s fast, easy, and these days prices are in line with other forms of travel. There are disadvantages though, such as the inability to stop at a store and pick up missing essentials while over the ocean.

There are a lot of lists of what to bring for children while flying, but there are some essentials that will help any person out, whether traveling alone or with others. From snacks to entertainment, and even emergency supplies packing the right stuff in a carry-on is essential for a successful flight.

Something to Eat

Really, something to drink is even more important. A domestic flight lasting less than 2 hours shouldn’t see hunger pains surfacing, but cabin pressure is usually kept similar to altitudes of 6-8,000 feet. This causes people to lose moisture at twice the rate they would at sea level. Having a bottle of water to replenish can prevent mild dehydration. Snacks are also important. Longer flights may have snacks available, and even meals. These will be done on the cabin crews schedule, and can be interrupted by turbulence. The safest bet is to have a back-up handy, just in case.

Something to Do

In-flight entertainment is more important the longer the flight. From a book to a laptop, something to do while flying will inevitably be important. Chatting with neighbors isn’t guaranteed to be a success, and if there is anything in the seat-back pockets it likely won’t last long. If a phone or tablet is in the plans, a separate charging brick is a good idea. Most airline seats don’t have USB power available.

Something to Wear

Chances are everybody’s luggage arrives safely at the same destination they do. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. Having at least one spare outfit and some basic toiletries in a carry-on can be a life-saver while the airline tries to figure out the whole luggage mess.

A few basic items can go a long way to making a flight less stressful and more enjoyable. After leaving your vehicle at an off-site airport parking lot, such as Ajax Parking R Us near SeaTac, hold tight to that carry-on. Get the essentials you can’t bring through security before getting on the plane, and enjoy your flight!

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