This Are The Quintessentials for Airline Travel

It’s a strategic, pivotal moment: you’re packing for your next flight, and it’s always a hassle. Fortunately, you have this little secret weapon—our list that’s going to keep you sane and keep you only bringing the essentials. Check it out.

Lightweight Clothing

Head to the store and pick up some Hanes t-shirts; lightweight and airy, perfect for just walking around the hotel room or heading out and about around town. The biggest challenge is having thick materials and clothing that fluff up most of our luggage. If you can’t live without your jeans, pack cotton shirts that can be easily compressed to save on space. Your wardrobe is roughly the most important thing in your carry-on. Don’t sacrifice; create an alternative.

Your Headphones

These are crucial when you land in your destination city, but also for the travel itself: a two-in-one. No matter how short or long the flight is, everything is better with music. Get a small pair of earbuds or a pair of collapsing headphones that can store up small, and be packed in the slip pocket of your carry-on bag.

Grooming Products

It has to be a bit choosy with airline regulations, but if you’re packing your suitcase and not just a carry-on bag, you can be sure to pack travel towels, facial tissues, shaving kits, hairspray, and anything else you need to look your best. If you’re traveling for business purposes, whether it’s a conference or work meeting, you need to look your best. Cologne, body spray, nose hair trimmers and tweezers—you can get everything in travel-ready grooming kits.

First Aid Kit

You never know what your vacation is going to hold. You ever hear “Expect the unexpected?” A first aid kit isn’t going to solve all of your problems, but it can be extremely useful in a pinch. Along with your kit, you can also pack suntan lotion, bug repellent, allergy medication, and a copy of your scripts for personal medications that you’ll need to fill when you land.

Air Travel Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

From the moment that you know you need to travel, down to the landing and getting your luggage out of baggage claim, it’s a stressful ordeal. Handling your long-term parking SeaTac solutions ahead of time is the best way to streamline the entire process. Pull up, hop out, and pat yourself on the back for using airport parking that isn’t stressful, and doesn’t suck. You’ve got your essentials, and you’ve got your head on straight. Go get ‘em.

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