1. Carry-on Bag Size

There are different regulations for air travel and carry-on bag sizes. What works on international flights may not work on domestic flights.

  1. Forgetting to Double-Check

Flying to and from different time zones can be frustrating, because we often make mistakes and don’t pack ahead of time. Remember to check your tickets, your schedule, and then double-check it. Ensure it’s concrete to avoid any mistakes.

  1. Packing the Wrong Attire

Heading on an international flight? It’s easy to think, “It’s summer, I’ll pack summer clothes,” and quickly be freezing your toes off in another country because you didn’t check their weather first. In some instances, downloading certain apps to help you out with time zones and alerts can be a lifesaver.

  1. Don’t Rack Up Phone Bills

One of the worst things about travelling to another country is returning some time later, only to realize that you didn’t have any of your international data and cell use covered by your provider. It’s usually a first-time flyer mistake, but when you haven’t been on an international flight in a while, it’s easy to forget. Check your plan.

  1. Forgetting to Alert Your Bank

Yeah, you really should get on this one more often. If you’re usually buying everything at the same locations, or at least in the same handful of cities, they make be prone to freezing your account while you’re out and about. It’s a major pain, so just notify them and verify everything beforehand.

  1. Don’t Pack Too Much Money

Too much money is a good problem, right? Well, if you’re exchanging USD for another currency, it may be problematic. Having too much means you’re not only prone to losing physical cash (we’ve all done it, and it’s why we like cards so much), but if you don’t end up spending it all, you end up paying conversion rates again when you land back home. It’s wasting money if you do it improperly.

  1. Anywhere Outside of the United States Requires a Passport

There’s been a lot of times, a lot of times, that people complain because they can’t get into Mexico or Canada. Just remember that these are separate countries, and you can’t enter them without a passport just because we share the same continent. It sounds silly now, but you’d be surprised how often this becomes an issue.

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