Get Prepared Before You Travel During the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful. You best defense against a stressful trip is to plan ahead on multiple fronts. Here are some things that you need to know about traveling around the holidays.

Parking. On-site airport parking is often very expensive and cannot offer the security that prepaid lots can. Individual lots offer lower prices, fenced in parking areas with 24 hour surveillance, and often free shuttles to and from your airport. Make your reservations well ahead of time, as some airport parking lots can become quite full around the holiday season.
Early airport arrival. Don’t chance cutting things close when it comes to holiday travel. Allow at least two hours to go through airport security, especially if you’re traveling with children. Making the choice to use an airport parking lot with a free shuttle can help you make sure you’ll be arriving at your gate on time.
Baggage fees and lost baggage. If you’re traveling for the holidays and bringing presents for loved ones, you may want to consider mailing the packages ahead of you to cut down on baggage fees and mishandled luggage. If you have to bring presents with you, Virgin, JetBlue, Alaska and Delta have the best track records in handling luggage for 2016. In terms of baggage fees, you’ll want to budget at least $25 for each checked bag, unless you’re flying Southwest, which offers two free checked bags per customer.
Delays. Flexibility is key when it comes to holiday travel. Weather can play a huge part in delaying flights. Make sure to keep an eye on weather reports as well as news reports to see if there are any airport worker strikes at any of the airports that you’ll be traveling through on your trip. You may also want to call your airline the day of your trip for the likelihood of flight delays.
Cancellations. The good news is that the number of cancelled flights this fall is as low as it has been in twenty years. Even so, make sure to carry credit cards with you and have a backup plan if you get stuck at a certain airport and cannot fly out for a day or two.

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