With the holiday season upon us, many of us would be making our homes comfortable and cozy for the holidays for the guests arriving to enjoy this blissful time of the year with us. The rest of us might be playing the role of guests this year, making travel plans such as booking tickets and looking into SeaTac airport parking to meet with our family and friends hundreds of miles away.

However, leaving home unattended even if it is just for a few days is never an easy task for anyone. This is especially true when you are not able to leave any member of your household to housesit your property and your belongings during the vacation. Since all of you may have to depart at once, it means that your house would be empty save for your possessions, until you return.

But who said that your possessions have to be unsupervised even in your absence? Thanks to the advancements in technology and the many ways humans have evolved to help each other, you can leave your belongings for days on end without worrying about their safekeeping much, if at all.

Here’s how:


Get Someone You Trust to Housesit

If you simply cannot leave one of your family members behind, then asking your close friends to house sit during your absence might be another good option. This is especially effective when your friend doesn’t have the same problem as you and has someone in their own home to take care of their property. Keep in mind to have this option in place wherever you can, so you can rest assured in having someone you trust to keep watch over your property. However, as the chances for this coming to fruition are thin, make sure to have a backup in place in the form of technology and other supported solutions.


Install a Security System

Whether you have a suburban home in Seattle, Washington or if you have been living the city life in an apartment, installing a security system is something that you may have already done to safeguard your property. If yes, then you are through to the next step; and if not, then you should think about getting one installed even if you are not going on a vacation. According to analysts, home security systems have already stepped into a new era of evolution, which makes this high time for anyone without a security system to get their hands on one to safeguard their home.


Take Advantage of Monitoring Equipment

CCTV equipment and installation is so common that it is a staple for the security of many homes, their patios and even driveways, where these nifty installations could keep track of each visitor’s movements on your property. While CCTV was once restricted to being monitored on-premises, the aforementioned advancements in technology have now made it possible for the video to be projected right to your smartphone. Whenever you are thinking to leave your house for a few days, make sure to get these monitoring services and related equipment installed for optimal peace of mind.


Take Care of Your Valuables

Whenever you are leaving your house for a few days, make sure to clear any safes or personal security vaults that you have in your home, and deposit those belongings in a bank’s locker where they could be well guarded. Make sure that your insurance policy is also up to date in case of unforeseen events, so that you don’t have to keep fretting about losing your valuables while you are celebrating the holidays with your loved ones.


Get Your Car to a Monitored Parking Space

Even after you have safeguarded your house or have CCTV monitoring in place, your car might still be more vulnerable than the belongings which are indoors. But you can resolve this issue in a simple manner: get a SeaTac airport parking service to take care of your vehicle for you. Getting a car park service such as Ajax Parking R Us is not only more effective for your car from a security perspective, but from others as well. It is also one that gives you psychological relief through ensuring that one of your most prized and highly mobile possessions is being watched by people who are credible and some of the best in their line of work.

Whenever you are about to embark on your holiday adventures, makes sure to give Ajax Parking R Us a call and utilize their state of the art SeaTac airport parking services.

You won’t regret it.

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