Travelling for the Holidays? Follow These Tips…

It’s coming up soon. It’s the most notorious time of the year: holiday airfare season. Not everybody wants to head home for the holidays, but absolutely nobody wants to get stuck in the holiday rush. These holiday travel tips we have in store for you may just be a lifesaver if you use them properly. Sit back, strap in, and let’s get through this together.

  1. Small Airports

If you can manage to go over to the next city and hop on the jetliner from their smaller airport, you’ll be saving the hassle of navigating a busy terminal. You’ll reduce your chance of hitting a delay, board faster, all for a 20-30 minute drive.

  1. Travelling on the Holiday

If you can get an early enough flight, and you’re travelling alone, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of low-priced flights on the actual holiday you’re travelling for. If your loved ones can wait until the afternoon or early evening to get the festivities rocking, you’ve saved money on your flight, and a whole lot of headaches.

  1. Pack Light

Carry-on bags; stay away from getting them checked. Streamline the process—you don’t need four different hair dryers or a dozen different neckties.

  1. Plan on Energy

Airplane food is, well, a bad joke. Lifesaving holiday travel tips are going to affect everything, including your diet. Pack some energy-inducing snacks to help keep you focused and forward.

  1. Cash In

Are you always sick of being stuck in coach? At least on the way there, splurge a little and upgrade your seats. Extra room for your legs and some wide cup holders never hurt anybody, right?

  1. Show Up Early

Early arrivals tend to have an easier time boarding, which can be a nightmare in and of itself. Pack your singular carry-on bag, leave it by the door, get dressed, brush your teeth, and run for the hills. Streamline the process of getting there.

  1. Understand Your Options

Layovers, especially during the snowy seasons, are a real pain, and if you act quickly enough, you can resolve some of the issues. It’s not going to get you there any faster, but it beats having your money being wasted. (Biting the bullet while you wait for a return, and buying a one-way ticket from your layover spot, isn’t such a bad idea, you know.)

  1. Be Kind

Nobody—I repeat, nobody wants to get the TSA agent who’s having a hard day. Just remember that holidays are stressful for everybody; smile, use your manners, and try to bring some healthy, positive attitude to the table. It could save you in the long run.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

You can’t tell me that these weren’t invented solely for airplane travel. People travel with their children on holidays more than any other time of the year. Instead of getting frustrated with someone who’s just trying to control their kids, slip on the headphones, and it’s like you’re all alone again.

  1. Mentally Prepare for Proverbial Hell

We’re not going to sugar-coat it—even if you’re traveling to see family that you just can’t wait to reconnect with, it doesn’t mean that getting to them is going to be any easier. Some of the most common horror stories around the Thanksgiving tree or the manger relate to hectic airline antics. Prepare, and don’t be surprised when you start rolling downhill.

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