Here’s a Few Tips When Vacationing for the Summer

It’s cold outside and all you can think about is getting out and getting somewhere warm. So when is the best time to start thinking about your summer vacation? You’ve already answered that one! You’re thinking about it now! So it’s time to get started looking at the calendar.

When you’re booking a few weeks to a few months out, there’s a few things you’ll want to take into account when planning your trip.

1.Take a a few minutes to outline when NOT to go.
You’ll want to look at trying to avoid major holidays as well as important milestones like the first and last days of school if you have kids, summer camp, church activities, etc. Once you’ve got all those mapped out, try and finalize a destination. Sometimes it can seem easier to pick the destination first, but you really want to pick something that will work with your schedule. After all, finding a deal to fly to Europe won’t help much if it’s your child’s day to graduate from high school.

2. Look for festivals or other events that you’ll want to include or exclude on your trip.
Here’s a perfect example: On my last trip to Paris, we wanted to do something a different that we hadn’t done before, Versailles. A little bit of research revealed that the day we wanted to go just happened to be the day of the year that it was free to enter. For us non-crowd loving people, that was a signal that we should NOT go that day. To a budget traveler, they would have hit the jackpot! Many different areas offer these types of promotions that (based on your own travel style) can help you determine when you want to go.

3. Booking domestic airfare at six to twelve weeks out seems to be the window to get the best prices.
Book too soon and you may pay too much, book too late and you definitely will pay more than if you book six weeks out. Don’t forget to take into account airport parking! You’ll want to park somewhere long term and convenient for the duration of your trip. Some even offer appointments for parking and a variety of indoor and outdoor options. Put airport parking on your list of to dos when making your travel plans for the summer.

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