We’ve all heard, or experienced, those nightmare travel stories. Luggage disappears into the void, travel documents lost, your car gets broken into. While there’s no guarantee everything will go smoothly, there’s plenty you can do to help ease your mind and make your travels as easy as possible. Here are some quick tips to keep your trip on track.


Photocopy important documents

This is especially important if traveling outside the US, but even for domestic travel, it is critical to make copies of any form of ID or important travel documents. Keep an extra copy in a bag you leave in your room while out exploring your destination, and leave a copy with a friend or family member back home, just in case.


Pack essentials in your carry on

Many revel in the challenge of cramming everything in their carry on. If you do need to check bags, be sure to keep some necessities in a carry on that stays with you while you’re flying. Items you will want to keep with you include medications, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a change of clothes, and any electronics or valuables you may be taking along.



This one may seem obvious or silly, but be sure to stay hydrated while traveling. Any of us who has flown before knows the drying power of the circulated cabin air. Not to mention, the climate you’re traveling to may be drier or hotter than you’re used to. No matter what may be drying you out, there’s nothing like a little heat stroke or fainting spell to ruin a vacation. Whether you bring along a reusable water bottle or snag a beverage from a cafe along the way, be sure to push fluids to avoid this travel faux pas.


Make a list, but be flexible

It’s important to know what you want to do and see on your travels. Have a list of personal points of interest, restaurants, and events going on in your destination of choice. Why are you traveling to a particular place if you don’t have something you want to explore after all?


Even with this idea of what to tour, keep some wiggle room in your itinerary. You will undoubtedly learn of some hot new restaurant or receive tips from locals that will leave you wanting to change up your travels a bit. So be sure to have some flexibility in your schedule.


Park at a secure garage

The absolute last thing you need upon returning home from a fantastic trip is find your car stolen or broken into. This is one of those elements you can totally control, and the surest way to avoid such misfortune is to park in a safe, secure lot. Making arrangements with Ajax Parking R Us at SeaTac is fast, easy, and provides peace of mind during your travels. End your trip on a high note with this easy to execute tip.

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