The Best Apps For Airport Travel

If you’re like most people you went crazy with apps six months after you got your first smart phone. Since then however, you’ve hardly touched most of the ones you have much less looked for new ones. The new getting ready for a trip is a great time to check over the apps that you have, and the apps that are available, making sure that you have the best apps for your trip.

Navigation APP : Waze

Getting from your home to airport parking, such as Ajax Parking R Us in Seattle, is the first step on a journey, and made much easier by Waze. This app uses real-time input from everyone using the app to provide the best route from one place to another. If an accident happens three exits up you have a solid chance of finding out in time to get on the frontage road for a couple of miles to bypass it. With users all over the world contributing local traffic and map information not only will you avoid the jams on the way to the airport, you’ll be guided through the best routes as you drive around your destination.

Your Airline’s APP!

Regardless of who you choose to fly with they have an app for you. Your airlines app will allow you to stay up to date on your flight information, gate information, and luggage claim information. You may also be able to check-in automatically and show an electronic ticket via their app.

Abroad Traveling: Google Translate

When traveling abroad your inability to communicate with the locals is likely to be the most frustrating thing you encounter. Modern smartphone apps have taken this problem and, for the most part, fixed it. The most popular option for this is Google Translate, partly due to it being free. Another very popular options is iTranslate, free for most with an option to purchase voice recognition. The good news is that both apps are available on both Android and iOS.

One thing you don’t need an app for is airport parking. When flying out of SeaTac it makes sense to contact Ajax Parking R Us for the best combination of price and convenience. Our on-line reservation system can be access from a smartphone or computer, whatever works best for you.

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