Many people travel to reduce stress. But for some, getting ready for a holiday away actually induces stress. Although traveling is overall a positive experience, travel stress can lead to people having an unhappy vacation.

Research has found that the most common stress related vacation experiences were actually related to pre-travel issues such as packing, financials, travel arrangements, weather and more. The good news however, is there are ways to prevent these stressful situations so that you can enjoy that margarita and soak up the sun on your next vacation, worry free. Here are 5 tips on how to reduce vacation stress.

Checking Your Finances

The most important tip in reducing vacation stress, is to check your finances. Make a realistic budget and book for a trip you can afford. You can even book in advance (plane tickets, hotels, trains, etc) to make sure you have enough for your wonderful trip but also your responsibilities like bills and rent.

You wouldn’t want that hanging over your head while trying to relax. You can also look for possible discounts and coupons on hotels and airfare. There are tons of apps out there that will help you compare prices and find you the best budget friendly deals.

Properly Planning Your Vacation In Advance

Tip number two is just as important as the first. PLAN your vacation and early. Last minute planning equals stress. Invest in a travel guide book to learn more about your destination or opt for a professional travel agent to do all the work for you.

If you are still stuck, try a guided tour/cruise or consider vacationing in a place you are familiar with. Be organized and create a checklist for things to do before the trip. You don’t have to plan start to finish but have a good idea for the things you know you need or want to get done.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Tip three is not a big one but it is important; don’t set unrealistic expectations. Be flexible and don’t let speed bumps prevent you from the positive aspects of your vacation.

Number four: how to navigate unfamiliar situations. Read about your destination, learn the history, culture, customs, food, transportation, etc. Learn about its currency and understand common costs such as meals, drinks, tours and cabs. Try and learn a few words of the language. This can really open up new possibilities while also breaking down the culture barrier if there is one. Don’t be afraid to try new foods and activities. It’s all about learning to come out of your shell!

Ensuring Your Home & Car Are Safe When You’re Away

The last tip but not least; overcoming concerns about things back home. Alleviate this stress by making checklist for whoever you’re leaving in charge while you’re gone. Arrange a plan with someone to come and check up on things from day to day.

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