Don’t Let Airport Anxiety Get In Your Way!

Everyone knows someone afraid of flying. Maybe it’s a fear of heights, maybe it’s the flying itself. While not as common there are people whose anxiety starts long before boarding the airplane. Often people suffering from airport anxiety calm down while settling into their seat on the plane.

Going through security. Navigating the terminal. Getting to the airport. These are all possible triggers for anxiety. In every case the feelings are real, and can even be debilitating for some. Anyone who suffers would benefit by finding some ways to conquer their anxiety, or at least get along with it.

Airport security can be arduous and unpredictable these days. Whether it’s having other people going through your stuff, the thought of someone patting you down, or the push of crowds trying to get through to the gates there are plenty of triggers for anxiety in line. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate these concerns. Check ahead of time to see what kind of scanners your airport uses. Wear shoes, belts, and jewelry that are easy to get on and off quickly. Travel during the slower times in the week. If your airport has a security gate that is less convenient for most people, use that one to avoid crowds. These tips can help reduce the chance of your triggers activating.

Airport terminals can be confusing to just about anyone. Some airports have apps you can get on your phone, or at the very least maps available to download to them. Check the map ahead of time to see where your gate is. Also look for nearby restaurants and restrooms. If crowds are a problem for you look for areas where there aren’t any restaurants for shops near your gate. Try to find spaces where the distance between gates is greater, or even look for lounges you can take advantage of.

It’s best to arrive at the airport calm as possible. This can be difficult while fighting traffic and hunting for parking. Dedicated airport shuttles from home are expensive. A great alternative is to use off-site airport parking. Lots such as Ajax Parking R Us include shuttle services that bring you straight to your departure gate, easing your travels and lowering your anxiety.

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