Don’t Know When to Buy Plane Tickets? Find Out Below

It was good to move away from home, but now you should fly back and visit every year. With the cost of living constantly on the rise any way too save money on the trip is welcome. One thing many people fail to think of is when to buy their tickets. So many people just buy them when they decide to go or when it’s almost time to go. A little bit of planning can help bring that ticket total down just a little bit.

Some people used to think they could get the best deals just before the plane took off. The idea was the plane had an empty seat, it was better for the airline to make some money of it than none. Unfortunately, the industry has moved on from this model. Flights are usually overbooked such that there’s more chance of no room than an extra seat. Any last-minute seats are kept high for business travelers who have no choice but to pay for the trip.

Airline Tickets

Going the other way can be just as bad. Don’t try getting your tickets for the holidays during summer break. Airlines lower their fares closer to travel times when they have a feel for how much demand there will be.

Things haven’t changed too much in the last few years. A study by ARC found the best tickets were bought 8 weeks before a flight. For most of the year you want to start shipping for a ticket no more than 3 months early. Before this the rates are almost like high-end placeholders. Sales will happen after the three-month window. Make sure the ticket is bought before that last month though. The last 30 days tend to see the price jump back up, catching profits from business travelers that don’t have the luxury of planning that far ahead. For holiday flights change that from 3 months to 2 months, and buy them quick. Holiday tickets tend to go faster, and rise in price faster.

It’s not just how long before the flight to buy them though. The day of the week influences price as well. The best days of the week to buy are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. Never buy your ticket on Friday or Sunday if you have a choice, they are more expensive.

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