Having served 49.8 million passengers in 2018, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) is the eighth-largest airport in the United States. Thousands of people make their way around the country and the world through SeaTac every day. This also makes it the reigning champion of the busiest locations in Seattle.

And with that, comes the looming risk of missing your flight. After all, sometimes it may take too much time getting through security, or you just finding adequate SeaTac parking in time if you don’t know where to look.

Whenever you are flying through SeaTac, making sure that you are not losing precious time should be a priority.

The following tips will make sure that you are not missing your flight amongst the hustle and bustle of SeaTac.

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Arrive Early

It is an unspoken rule for passengers to arrive at the airport earlier than expected. For instance, if the boarding time cuts off 30 minutes earlier than the flight departure time, then you need to be at the airport even before that. The same holds true for passengers flying through the busy SeaTac.


Because it helps you make up for the time that could be lost to mishaps. If your car breaks down or if you are stuck in traffic, then being early could be the difference between “We made it” and “I just missed my flight.”   

As such, make sure to give yourself at least half an hour of extra time while leaving for your flight. Even if you arrive early, then killing some time by grabbing a bite at an airport restaurant is far better than missing your flight.

Know How Much Time It Could Take at the TSA

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) gets a bad rap due to its extensive checks. But since it is for your security, the TSA’s work is quite necessary.

Regardless of whether you are pro-TSA or not, going through the security procedures is mandatory. And sometimes, it could take a while to go through them.

Keeping this in mind, put some time aside to make certain that you are going through the procedures without the fear of missing your flight.

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At a location such as SeaTac, finding an affordable parking space in time which is also safe and secure could be next to impossible.

But thanks to Ajax SeaTac airport parking, it is easier to find your car a safe space to rest while you embark on your adventures. Are you going away for a few days? Or simply visiting SeaTac to see off or pick up a loved one? Find a secure space to park your car that’s also not heavy on your bank account.

The next time you visit SeaTac, make sure that you are following these tips to catch a flight on time. Whether you are flying out or welcoming someone home, don’t forget that for safe, timely and cost-effective parking, all you need to do is to drive straight to Ajax at SeaTac.