For over fifteen years, we’ve seen more and more items banned in airports (and for good reason), but some of them have just been plain weird. You may not know about some of them, and may run into trouble at the gate. Fortunately, we’re here to warn you ahead of time.


If you have a small handheld fan or small gadget, you can’t bring batteries on the plane – even if they’re already inside of the item. Due to acidic properties found in most batteries (specifically alkaline batteries), you can’t bring them on the flight.

Anything That’s Wrapped

That means anything you received as a gift with decorative wrapping, or a gift you’re bringing on a holiday flight to visit family. Wrapped items are a big no-no; TSA doesn’t like surprises.

Alcoholic Beverages (Over 140 proof)

You may have looked up to see if you can bring a congratulatory drink along with you to celebrate an event with a loved one, but if it’s over 140 proof, you can’t bring it along. There are some allowed alcoholic beverages, but it’s a very strict list.

Bowling Pins

Seems oddly specific, doesn’t it? You can’t bring a bowling pin with you on a flight. It’s an oddity to think about, but if for any reason you thought about bringing your bowling game on the plane with you, it’s a no-go.

Kayak Paddles

Most people will rent a kayak (and the paddles to go with it) if they’re heading to a destination that warrants it. We don’t know who tried to bring one of these along in the first place, but it must have been for a very specific reason.


The odds that you’re going to bring a canister of fertilizer is rare (hopefully), but even if you wanted to bring one, you can’t.

Golf Clubs

Make sure to check these bad boys! If you’re planning to hit the resort for the weekend or visit an exotic destination, you’ll have to rent bags there. Most golf destinations will have areas for you to rent bags, but this also means you can’t purchase new bags and bring them home with you while on vacation.

You could leave your potentially banned items in your car, secured at our SeaTac airport parking lot. Avoid discarding your items with a secure place to keep them while you’re away; regular airport parking just isn’t safe.