Here Are Some Spring Vacation Ideas

With spring in full bloom, many of us will find ourselves making plans to enjoy the season through quick trips with friends and family.

But putting these plans together could be a challenge when you have a plethora of options with seemingly no direction.

Due to this, it’s understandable if you may already know that you are parking your car at Ajax SeaTac Parking due to its safety and security, but don’t know where to go just yet.

To help you in the decision-making process, here are the top three destinations within the U.S. which could turn your spring trip into a memorable journey.

New Orleans, Louisiana

What do you do if you want a trip that is full of culture and some amazing dishes? You head to New Orleans, of course.

Fresh out of Mardi Gras visitors, the city has plenty of space to offer along with its music, architecture, and food. Since the summer weather isn’t in full swing in the month of April, you can enjoy walking on the cobblestone streets without feeling like you are melting yourself down.

With direct flights going from Seattle Tacoma Airport to New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport, you can simply park your car at Ajax SeaTac Parking before taking your big trip to the Big Easy.

Las Vegas, Nevada

As another destination that is better in the spring than it is in the crowded summer, Las Vegas could prove to be twice as interesting in April.

Once again, it is mostly because the area isn’t flocked by tourists to the point of being congested. Enjoy all the casino games, restaurants, and entertainment options you want on The Strip without feeling like you will drown in a sea of people.

All in all, there’s plenty to do with minimal obstruction. With that,  Sin City with its direct connecting flights to Seattle also gives you a comfortable option to secure your car in SeaTac parking before you leave your home.

Miami Beach, Florida

Florida may be getting into the news due to the Florida Man meme as of late, but the state does have plenty more to offer than wacky news stories.

Miami Beach in particular, is full of sunshine this time of the year, and it doesn’t break the bank for you to visit it in April either.

With plenty of events, drinks, and hospitality options available at your disposal, Miami Beach could prove to be a great destination. Since Miami Beach has a daily direct flight to Seattle, you can utilize the option of SeaTac parking for your peace of mind.

SeaTac Parking Could Give You the Peace of Mind to Enjoy These Destinations With Ease

While the weather may be unpredictable and change from spring to summer in just a couple of weeks, one thing that remains constant is the safety and reliability of Ajax SeaTac Parking.

By parking your car at the SeaTac airport in a secure facility, minimize your worry and maximize your vehicle and its safety.

If you need more information on how Ajax SeaTac Parking can help you secure your car, then don’t hesitate from reaching out to us today!