Tips on Pet Care While on Vacation

Whether you’re traveling for one week or six, as the owner of cats, dogs, or other pets, figuring out what to do with them while you’re gone can be a hassle. While the overall choices may be limited as far as either taking them with you, boarding them somewhere, or having a petsitter come to your home, of course there are quite a few services available to choose from.

While what you do with your pets really depends on how long you’re traveling, how much you’re willing to spend, and how much you trust someone else to take care of your extended family and/or be in your home, there are a few things to consider when making your selection.


Letting Your Pet Stay Home

In some cases, it is fairly easy to get a friend, neighbor, or family member to swing by the house and care for your furry friend. Of course, this is usually the cheapest option and works especially well if your choice already happens to be familiar with your pet.

Pet sitting services will usually run you around $20 per visit but they are generally very dependable and know how to take care of animals. However, you should definitely take the time to check references for both their care capabilities and trustworthiness.

An even better and more comfortable option for many pet owners is opting for a house sitter. These are usually people that will stay in your home full time while you’re gone, theoretically providing your pet with attention and the same level of care that you would yourself. Of course, as the person will have access to your personal property for an extended period of time, you’ll want to either use someone you already know and trust or a well known and established service, which can actually be quite affordable as you are trading pet sitting for accommodations for the timeframe.


Pet Care Outside The Home

A caring family member, friend, or neighbor may be willing to provide temporary housing for your pet and of course, this can be a nice and affordable option when available. Many pet sitters will also take care of your animal in their own home and since pet sitters usually have a few other pets staying with them as well, your pet will have some fun companionship while you’re gone.

Of course, another option is selecting a reputable boarding facility, kennel, or pet hotel. While these choices may mean that your pet is caged up longer than you may like, these services have the facilities and staff that are equipped and trained to take good care of your animal while you’re gone.


More Peace of Mind While You Travel

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