Here Are Some Taxi Scams to Look Out For and Avoid

Taxis are still a very common site in just about any city you may travel to this year. Many people depend on them to get from site to site and most taxi drivers are simply hard-working men and women just making an honest wage, but there are some that will try anything they think can get away with in order to take you for some extra dough. So we wanted to bring you a few tips on recognizing and avoiding some of the more popular scams.


If It’s Broke, Don’t Use It

Before you close the taxi door, check to see if the meter and credit card machine (if you plan to pay that way) are working. In some cases, certain trips are priced at a flat rate, i.e. between New York’s airports and the city, but if the driver says that the machine or meter is actually broken, it’s much easier for them to take advantage of you and charge you extra for the trip. Many drivers also hate the fees that credit card companies charge and may “conveniently” forget to inform you that the machine is broken until once you arrive, forcing you to search for an ATM if you happen to be low on cash.


No Change

A common ploy you may encounter is for the driver to claim they do not have change for a bill even as small as a twenty. This is generally an attempt at gaining a higher tip and while you should wait until you’re out of the cab and your luggage is being offloaded before attempting to haggle over the price, a simple offer to retrieve change from a local shop is sometimes all it takes for them to suddenly “find” some additional cash and complete your transaction.


Nimble Fingers

Watch your money at all times. Sleight of hand artists can swap out bills that you hand over and say that you gave a bill smaller than what you actually handed them. This is especially dangerous for those traveling abroad and may not be too familiar with the currency and as a best practice you should always hand over your bills one at a time while taking care to note the denominations.


Peace of Mind

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