Here are the World’s Busiest Airports

Everyone who travels frequently might ask this question out loud to themselves, to Google, or maybe even their friends and acquaintances on Twitter. You may wonder about the world’s topmost destinations and how they fare against each other in the race of being the busiest airport in the world. According to Airports Council International, the world’s top 5 busiest airports are spread across several continents, giving strength to the idea that the world’s economy is truly becoming more close-knitted than ever. While some of the appearances on the top list busiest airports list are not surprising, the glaring absence of a few famous airports such as John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, and Heathrow Airport, London is quite intriguing.

With that being said, the ones who made the list clearly have something great to offer to the world. To know what that might be, let’s go through the following list that might inspire you to get your own spot at a SeaTac Airport parking lot and hop onto a plane for an exciting adventure.


5. Los Angeles International Airport, USA

Seeing Los Angeles on this list is not a shocking revelation by any means. Given that LA is the primary door to Hollywood with artists, studio execs as well as businessmen from all over the world flocking toward the city, its appearance as the world’s 5th busiest destination is quite justified. LA International earned the spot by recording 84.6 million passengers in 2017. Top travel destinations in the city include Universal Studios Hollywood; Disneyland Resort; Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory; and Hollywood itself in all its starry glory.


4. Haneda International Airport, Japan

Similar to how LA could be described as the world’s center for visual arts with no arguments to refute that claim, Tokyo has carved its own niche in the world map by not only entertaining millions of airline passengers but by being a promising center of business and technology. Haneda International made it to the list by recording around 85 million passengers in 2017. Tokyo’s top travel destinations include Disneyland Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree, Senso-ji, and Meiji Shrine.


3. Dubai International Airport, UAE

To say that Dubai is the Arabian answer to the western desert city of Las Vegas would not be incorrect. Much like Vegas, Dubai was also built on top of a desert, and has since surpassed all expectations of growth, fortune, and revenue by record-shattering performance. Dubai International helped over 88 million passengers to move around and about in 2017. Top travel destinations in Dubai include Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Dubai Mall, and Wild Wadi Water Park.


2. Beijing Capital International Airport, China

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, China has emerged to be the thought leader when it comes to various business and technological subsets. Thus, seeing that its capital city made it this far in the race to the busiest airport is not surprising. Beijing hosted around 96 million passengers in 2017. Its top adjacent travel destinations include the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven. Beijing Capital recorded 8 million more passengers than Dubai, and coincidentally 8 million less than the world’s busiest airport, which is:


1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA

See? The busiest airport does not belong to New York, London, or Paris. It isn’t even located in Washington D.C. It is the airport native to Atlanta, Georgia. Neither a tourist destination or famous for its entertainment, Atlanta earns this spot solely because of its many business connections to pertinent regions across the globe. Apart from being a hot business hub, Atlanta also serves as a major connecting-flight destination, which explains why it made it to the list in the first place. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International recorded around 104 million passengers in 2017. Its most famous travel destinations include the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca Cola, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Center for Civil and Human Rights, and Fox Theater.


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