Here Are The Best Places to Eat Before You Die

Great tasting food is a surefire way to light up anyone’s mood. It causes you to forget about all the worries that you may be facing in a singular moment and lets you focus on the simple yet wonderful things in life. That is why, whenever you get a chance to get your hands on some delicious fare, you shouldn’t let it fly past you.

If you identify as a foodie and want to taste the best that a kitchen could offer, no matter how far you have to travel for it, then you have come to the right place. With the following restaurant recommendations, your taste buds will be revel in Marie-Kondo-esque joy for days to come.

So be ready to settle your car into a SeaTac Parking space, and fly to the following restaurants for the ultimate gastronomical experiences.

2M Smokehouse, San Antonio, Texas

If you love classic barbecue flavors with juicy pulled pork and tender brisket to boot, then you would likely be salivating over what 2M Smokehouse has to offer. As an up and comer in San Antonio, Texas, 2M Smokehouse has quickly established a reputation as the barbecue joint in the region.

The place has been featured in multiple publications and food critic blogs, which only adds to its reputation. Traveling far and beyond for a taste of these meaty treats would definitely be worth it.

Superiority Burger, NYC, New York

Those who can kill or die for a great veggie burger would really want to try the offerings at Superiority Burger. Located in East Village, Manhattan, this NYC eatery has become a must visit for those who love anything related to vegetarian cuisine.

Even if you are a meat lover whose first pick of the list would be something like 2M Smokehouse, you would fall in love with the taste that Superiority Burger has to offer. This remains a must visit for those who are skeptics about vegetables in burgers – this particular place is sure to convert their food beliefs forever.

Kachka, Portland, Orlando

If you want to try something that’s not too mainstream, then Kachka would be the way to go. As a place offering Russian fare in a very memorable setting, the restaurant is remarkable for its ambiance as much as it is for its food.

Speaking of the food, it remains as one of the most delicious tastings that you may have ever had of Russian cuisine (even if you are a frequent consumer of it). With some vodka to accompany the classic flavors, you are bound to leave the place with a wide grin. Just remember to take a cab to and from your eating adventure here.

n/naka, Los Angeles, California

While In-N-Out Burger is reason enough to fly to Los Angeles, that is not the only famous offering from the West Coast. If you are one to enjoy the cuisine of lands far beyond the U.S., then n/naka would have to be your next stop.

As a Japanese restaurant that specializes in the region’s kaiseki cuisine, n/naka offers some of the most exciting flavors that still retain Japanese cuisine’s signature simplistic traits. With flavors that stand out through amazing ingredients, you are going to love your time at this sought-after restaurant. Just make sure to make reservations first, since the place is booked months in advance.

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, Nashville, Tennessee

If you like fried chicken, then there are chances that you must have heard of Nashville style hot chicken by now. With a level of spice that sends you into extra-sensory overload, you can be sure that the chicken works for its “hot” status.

And what place would be better to taste this delicacy than the one that originated the style and made it popular almost seven decades ago? At Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, you can be sure to enjoy the classic and authentic flavors that have made Nashville chicken so popular around the country. The restaurant also offers the chicken in mild flavors, so make sure to ask for it if that’s more your cup of tea.

These are just five of the many top-tier restaurants that make traveling for your food to be worth it. Make sure to keep your eye out for new places to visit, and don’t hesitate from going whenever you get a chance to do so.