We all know that the travel portion of a vacation can be the biggest hassle of the entire trip. Starting with the frustrations of the SeaTac airport parking lot and into the long lines through security, the seemingly near-endless walk to your terminal, and then, of course, boarding the plane for a long, and generally fairly uncomfortable, flight to — the airport where you’ll catch your connecting flight.

Another traipse through dizzying terminals, many times having to rush in order not to miss the flight, and boarding the airplane for hopefully the vacation destination of your choice. Dealing with baggage claim and the local airport traffic is another story altogether, but there are some fantastic getaway spots that are close enough that you’ll not only forego connecting flights and marathon terminal runs, but you’ll also avoid any possible jet lag and likely save a sizable amount of your vacation budget.


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Great Destinations Less Than 3 Hours Away

For an average of around $125 per person, you can zoom away to Las Vegas and be there in about 2.5 hours. While Vegas likely isn’t at the top of most family’s vacation list, it is an extremely popular destination and can be the perfect romantic getaway.

For just a few bucks more per person, you can shave half an hour off your travel time and visit San Francisco. The sights and tourist attractions in the Bay Area are almost endless and there’s something for everyone in the family.

How about heading off to the mountains for the perfect vacation? For around the same price as a flight to Vegas, you can arrive in Denver in about 2.5 hours and be enjoying the beautiful state before the day has really even started.

If the mountains of Colorado, the neon lights of Vegas, or the wonderful attractions of San Francisco don’t really entice you, perhaps you’d rather vacation in Phoenix. For less than $200 you can fly from SeaTac and arrive in Arizona in just under 3 hours.


Vacation With a Flight Under 1 Hour

Load up the kids, pack the camera, and take a quick hop down to gorgeous Portland, Oregon. Less than 2 hours round trip by plane versus half a dozen or so hours of driving means that you and the family can enjoy a lot more of your vacation time together. The majesty of Portland has to be witnessed in person and with this short flight out of SeaTac, you can so without the stress associated with so many other vacations.


Another Surefire Way To Reduce Your Vacation Stress

Your vacation should never start with stress but unfortunately, SeaTac airport parking does nothing to alleviate these matters. Once you finally find a parking space, locating the shuttle can be a feat unto itself. Lack of proper security and professional personnel can mean that your vehicle’s safety is left completely up to chance.


At Ajax Parking RUs, we provide you a safe, secure lot that is open and fully monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As long as you arrive at least 15 minutes before your intended arrival at SeaTac, we provide service that is fast, friendly, and time-efficient and with our quick 10-minute shuttle ride to the airport, we ensure that you get to the airport with time to spare.


Start your vacation on the right foot and leave the care of your vehicle with Ajax. When you return, you simply catch a ride with our Ajax 2 courtesy shuttle and we’ll get you back to your car. Enjoy your flight, we’ll be here when you need us.

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