Uber and other ride services are fairly popular in some cities, while other areas could almost be renamed ‘Uber-ville.’ For those planning to fly out of town for a relaxing vacation or business trip, these options can seem like the best solution, but there are several things that you should consider.


Getting There Might Be Easy, Getting Home is Another Story


One thing you may not know is that some of the busiest U.S. airports don’t allow pickups unless drivers have a chauffeur’s license or livery plates. Then there are others that allow one ride service or another, yet exclude others. And laws are changing all the time. This can quickly become confusing and frustrating as you attempt to procure a ride home from the airport and depending on exactly which airport you’re coming home to, you may find yourself easily obtaining a ride only to be delayed because of a minor infraction or oversight by your driver.


Each year, thousands of citations are issued to ride-sharing violators at airports across the country. Innocuously climbing into the back seat, tired and ready to get home to relax, can quickly lead to your ride being interrupted by airport police if your chauffeur is in violation of any number of local regulations.


Everything from not properly displaying company logos to picking up outside of specific designated levels or gates, and even not having the proper App currently active, can all lead to fines at certain airports. Of course, any fines levied for violations are the responsibility of the driver or company as the case may be, but the delay while waiting for your driver to be free to go can be mind-numbingly frustrating.


“So Tired… Tired of Waiting… Tired of Waiting for You!”


Along with police and regulations possibly slowing down your ride, peak hours and traffic, along with a multitude of other unplanned and unforeseen obstacles, can seriously increase your wait time. Most of us simply want to grab our luggage, head out the airport doors and be home as quickly as possible.


Arriving home to find that a local event, holiday travel or other circumstances have caused a large queue to form on ride-sharing options across the board can take you by surprise and leave you at the airport much longer than you ever anticipated – and now if you ever do get stuck waiting on a ride… you’re almost certain to have the above ear-worm lyric play over and over in your head.


A Perfect Parking Option


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