Unique Places to Travel to in the US

Schools are closing for summer vacation and most adults are also wanting a break from their usual routine. In other words, it it’s that time of the year where air travel is at one of its busiest.

As such, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) is certainly quite full of life during these months. As one of the busiest airports in the U.S., SeaTac has the distinction of catering to thousands of local and international flights each year.

And a large portion of them caters to recreational trips, where passengers embark on marvelous adventures after bidding farewell to their routines and cars at SeaTac parking.

If you are planning to join that segment soon but haven’t zeroed in on a location yet, then knowing about the following 5 unique places in the U.S. may come in handy.

Big Sur, California

If you haven’t heard of the Big Sur before this, then you are not alone. This unique and mountainous location that’s located at the central coast of California often doesn’t get the love it deserves. But that’s more due to lack of awareness than lack of beauty.

Big Sur is full of unique mountainous beaches and ranges and is home to a vast variety of scenic locations. From its famous McWay Falls to its Bixby Creek Bridge, the location has plenty to offer to summer travelers who are looking for some natural beauty on their trips.

Aleutian Islands, Alaska

If the Big Sur is unknown, then the Aleutian Islands definitely are even more obscure. Comprised of no less than 69 islands (14 large and 55 smaller islands), this region belongs to the State of Alaska as well as Kamchatka Krai, a Russian federal subject.

What makes the Aleutian Islands worth a visit are its range of volcanos and its magnificent landscapes that lead up to them. Whether it is the formidable Mount Shishaldin or the Tanaga, you are bound to create exceptional memories by visiting this place over the summer.

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Long before Colorado became known for its marijuana, it had its Great Sand Dunes to set it apart from other states.

Why won’t they? These one-of-a-kind sand dunes at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve have more than great sights to offer. Along with the High Dune’s hiking routes and the refreshing waterfalls at Zapata Falls, you can also enjoy a night under the stars at the Pinon Flats Campground.

All in all, the Great Sand Dunes remain a must visit for any lover of nature, and unique experiences that remain unforgettable.

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is a region that keeps on giving in terms of its natural beauty, and the obscure Kauai is one of those gifts from the Aloha State.

With exceptional locations such as its Hanalei Bay, Kalalau Trail and its Waimea Canyon State Park, you and your family could kick back and relax under the sun while making fun memories along the way.

Just remember to pack a lot of sunscreen while you fly out of SeaTac because the sun-kissed lands of Kauai demand it.

Mount Rainier, Washington

Coming back to colder climates, Mount Rainier, Washington could be the place to go if you appreciate nature – but in its milder glory.

Mount Rainier itself is a stratovolcano. But apart from beholding its beauty, you could do a bunch of other activities. You could visit the Indian Bar camping site or visit the aptly named Panorama Point for some fantastic views.

Either way, it is certainly going to make for an unforgettable vacation if you and your family enjoy what nature has to offer.

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