Dreading Your Upcoming Vacation With Your Baby? Here Are Some Helpful Tips…

Life changes when an infant enter a family’s picture. Beyond the sleepless nights and sticker shock picking up diapers travel becomes a whole new adventure. The first time doing anything with a new baby is tough. As tough as many things are a little bit of preparation can go a long way towards success. This is especially true when the nearest store is 7 miles below you.

If you haven’t figured it out before your first flight, trying to pack will teach you an important yet unintuitive fact about infants. They require more gear than most sports. Not only that, they make everything take longer.

These days many airlines give charge you by the piece for checked baggage. The good news is that some baby items are almost universally checked for free. These include a car seat and a stroller. Even better, the strollers can often be gate-checked, allowing their use in the terminal while waiting for a flight. Some airlines also allow a diaper bag as an extra carry-on item for a parent, but not all so be sure to check your flight.

While checking to see if the diaper bag is counted or not, also check for a bassinet on longer flights. You’ll need to be in a non-emergency exit bulkhead row, but the extra cost may be well worth it. Some child seats are allowed on flights as the seat your child sits in. Verify yours with your airline, but also know this means paying for a ticket for the child.

All of this really comes back to planning. From what the seating arrangement will be to where you park your car, traveling with an infant requires more planning ahead than previous travel you may have done. Check out maps of the terminal and find family restrooms and lounges where you can more easily take care of your child.

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