Travel & Parking Safety Tips

Take a Look at Some of These Incredibely Useful Safety Tips for Your Car When Travelling:

A lot of life happens in your car. Like a second home with wheels, your car is a place where you and your family eat, listen to music, and sometimes even sleep. Because of this, your car can also be a place where you keep your most valuable possessions like your purse, wallet, phone and other electronic devices. To help protect yourself against theft when parking and leaving your car in a lot, follow these comprehensive safety guidelines. You’ll be glad you did!
Hide your belongings before you park- Anything in your car of value that you will not be taking with you should be stowed safely away from view to avoid tempting a would-be thief. You should put your valuables in the trunk or another safe, preferably locked compartment prior to arriving at your destination. Shoving your valuables into your trunk in plain view is a great way to get a thief’s attention, so make sure you are storing your things before you get out of your car. The reverse is also true- be careful about unloading valuables from your trunk if the lot you are parking at is one you frequent.
Leave high-end things at home- Looking like a person with a lot of money can sadly attract a thief’s attention. As a precaution, you may wish to leave home any jewelry, designer handbags, smart wearables (like Apple Watch) or other high-end electronics that may spark a would-be thief’s attention when you embark on a day that takes you into a parking garage.
Park near the entrance- The entrance to a parking garage is the best place to park, since it guarantees you won’t have to spend a long time walking through the lot to get to your car. Also, it is best to park in a well-lit area and keep track of where your car is parked so you don’t have to wander through the lot looking for it when you get back. Try to choose a lot with an attendant if you can.
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