Flight Delays Are No Fun. Here’s What You Can Do

Flight delays are an unfortunate part of today’s world. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t found out about until after we arrive at the airport. The best flight plans, including off-site airport parking such as at Ajax Parking R US at SeaTac, can be ruined by an unexpected flight delay after arriving. If this happens to you there are things you can do.


If you haven’t had time to make it to Pike Place Market and get your hands on Nosh Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, you’re in luck. They have a location in the airport where you can nab some on your way out of town.


Often when going through airports we opt for the path of least resistance, including in our food. Either we grab something from the store, or find a fast food style restaurant. With a flight delay in place we get a chance to relax and enjoy some of the finer fare an airport has to offer, such as at the Alaska Lodge.


Flight delays can be extra hard for families with children. Luckily, SeaTac is among the airports that has a children’s play area. These areas are lifesavers for families stuck at an airport for a couple of extra hours.


If the children are a little older, they may be interested in some of the local art more and more airports are putting in. At SeaTac, the displays can be found in Terminal A and run half a mile in length.


For another way to relax seek out a massage bar, or some of the live music SeaTac has to offer. Either experience is a wonderful way to pass the time while waiting for a flight delay to pass.


There is always the tried and true method of getting a book while at the airport too. This has the added advantage of coming with you if the delay is shorter than expected. With today’s technology and the widespread use of smartphones you don’t even need to go to the bookstore, you can get one from Amazon on your phone. If movies are more your style those are available too.


Flight delays are an inconvenience, but looking around the airport and giving some thought to the problem they don’t need to be a disaster.

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