You left you at the SeaTac parking lot and you’re ready to begin your flight. Whether you’ve flown before or you are new to the game, these are seven tips to get the most out of your solo traveling experience.


  1. Bring a Week of Entertainment


Layovers and ten-hour flights are mind-numbing enough. If you’ve brought a source of entertainment, such as a handheld game player, books, or your laptop, then that’s excellent. However, batteries and pages only last for so long. Bring enough entertainment with you as if you were withstanding two layovers, delays, and a full 24 hours in the sky.


  1. Have an ID Ready


Some people make the mistake of packing their ID into their bag when they’re waiting at the gate. Those same people run into problems when trying to get a drink on the plane; don’t forget to keep your ID on you!


  1. Have a Car Waiting at the Airport You Land At


Ever landed with the intention of renting a car to find that there are none left? This can put a divot in your day, so plan ahead and ensure one will be waiting for you when you land. It’s worth it to pay the additional fees of holding it over a day if it guarantees you a rented car.


  1. Make Nice With Your Plane Neighbor


You’re going to be sharing a flight for quite a while, so it’s best to get rid of those anxieties of not knowing the gentleman or lady sitting next to you. Introduce yourself right after you sit down to get acquainted. They don’t have to be your best friend, but nothing is more awkward than introducing yourself halfway through the flight.


  1. Have Sickness Remedies At-the-Ready


If you’ve never flown, it’s best to have a Ses Sick band or chewing gum so you can avoid the surprise of getting airsick. It’s also good if your neighbor, as mentioned before, has never flown either. It’s one heck of a time to find out you’re both susceptible to airsickness.


  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes


If you don’t have to leave the airport and head straight to a meeting or business affair, then who are you dressing up for? Get comfortable and sink into those chairs; you’ll be there for a while.


  1. Park Somewhere Safe


Criminals find the most likely place to rob a vehicle based on location: when you park at the standard airport parking lot, you’re subject to an entire city of criminals looking to acquire your tems (or worse; your car). Park somewhere safe with Ajax, and have peace of mind on your flight.

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