While many of us assume that the current inherent high-security at our nation’s airports would deter luggage theft, oftentimes that isn’t the case. Just think about how easy it would be for a solitary stranger to grab your suitcase off a busy baggage carousel and simply walk away. While this may be a genuine innocent mistake, it could also be the actions of a bold criminal, but either way, if you’re not around to stop it, your belongings could easily roll right out the door – never to be seen again.

Another possibility to consider is theft by those who are supposed to be looking after your luggage. Baggage handlers, airport security, and even TSA agents have access to your luggage behind closed doors. While most of these individuals are honest, hard-working people just trying to make a living, unfortunately, there have been countless documented incidents of airport personnel stealing from passengers’ bags.

So, if you’re flying with valuables, what can you do to prevent sticky-fingered individuals from stealing your belongings? Instead of hoping for a bit of ‘good’ luck and you’re not going to experience theft at the airport, you may want to consider the following 5 tips before your next trip.


Remove Temptation

The best option, of course, us to never let your costly belongings out of your sight. That means keeping all valuables in your carry-on luggage and then ensuring that you keep that luggage with you at all times. Your checked bags should only contain items that wouldn’t be attractive to thieves — replaceable clothing, inexpensive toiletries, paperwork that doesn’t contain your personal information and other inexpensive belongings.


Use a Firearm

No, not to threaten the thieves with. Airport security carefully monitors and tracks all luggage that contains declared firearms, therefore these types of bags are generally less likely to be tampered with or ‘lost.’ Special rules for these checked bags also requires them to be locked in a hard-sided container, with only you retaining the key or combination unless TSA personnel request it.


Avoid ‘TSA-Approved’ Locks

These types of locks are super easy to defeat and you can breeze through the internet and download the schematics for a complete set of working master keys for free. Unscrupulous individuals with access to a 3D printer can quickly and easily create a set of keys that will immediately open any TSA lock.


Avoid Zippers

It is super easy for a dishonest baggage handler to pop open the zipper, search through your belongings, and return the zipper to its original position. All without ever even touching your TSA-approved lock.


Use ‘Unique’ Luggage

Suitcases with brightly-colored accents, an unusual paint scheme or markings on the exterior can provide several benefits, such as: easier and quicker to locate, harder for criminals to claim ‘mistaken identity’ and it is much easier to track down if stolen.


What About Other Airport Theft?

Unfortunately, theft at our nation’s airports isn’t limited to simply luggage. Theft from airport parking, including everything from tires to catalytic converters, are stolen on an abysmally regular basis. Entrusting the security of your vehicle to an unsecured parking lot is basically playing Russian Roulette, but there is a secure alternative.


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